Networking Blues: How Do I Dress For Events

Networking in person is a really good way to quickly build trust and credibility. Being able to make direct contacts, engage in active conversations and dialogue, steers the process in the right direction. But, as you are meeting new people, it is extremely important to have a professional presence. Thus, dressing appropriately, respecting business, social and cultural protocols increases your likeability and trust factor with colleagues and potential clients.

Listed below are helpful and practical tips for creating a dynamic physical image.

Sound Advice

Before you select your next outfit for an event, consider asking for advice. You can reach out to the organizer or host of the function, Google the suggested business attire or ask a friend. Taking the time to seek out additional support will not only properly prepare you but builds your confidence and comfort for the event.

The Observer

Another good idea is to take into account how your colleagues have dressed for past events. Look at individuals who represent your gender, age, profession, etc. to gain insight on the standard for dressing well. You can even go a step further by picking certain individuals who mimic your preference or style.

Additional Factors

Last but not least, you can gauge the climate of the event but considering a few factors. Where is the event being held? What time of the day will it be conducted? Who is expected to attend? These are great ways to choose an ensemble that is suitable for the function.

Definitely use these tips to properly dress for events. Keep in mind that being professional adds to your credibility and builds a sense of trust for establishing quality and fruitful relationships.
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